As many ATM network operators and financial institutions know, tokens are used for technicians to go on-site and get access to advanced supervisor features of the ATMs. These advanced features are typically used to interact in the ATM for configuring.

  • Anti Skimming devices
  • In some cases, hardware devices like cash dispensers
  • Manage or extract error information
  • Perform advanced authentication or authorization functions
  • Change parameter of false bills detection for Cash insert or recycling modules
  • And other advanced functionality through the supervisor mode.

All these operations also have been 100% dependent on the technician's presence in the ATM and connecting the token physically to the ATM USB port, which has many problems and dependencies.


  • High cost and time-consuming for Physical presence in the ATM
  • Advance Operations are restricted for multivendor applications, so hardware vendors restrict these operations not to let other companies acquire the visit or professional services, claiming that it is for security purposes.  
  • Financial institutions always depend on the professional services of hardware vendor technicians.
  • Lose of time and loss of ATM inoperability in production
  • Financial institutions face multiple access  problems to advance features that are restricted with USB Vendor Tokens  

So ATX core security, we have created a module that can interact With NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, and other ATMs to manage the applications like APTRA, Proflex, Procash, MP2 Hyosung, and other ATM applications that require token authentication to access multiple features in the supervisor application, our innovation resides in there is no need of having to connect the USB token into the USB port of the ATMs and doing all these authentications remotely, so that takes out of the equation many problems that we described before.

With ATX Remote authentication module, ATM network operators, financial institutions, or ATM networks can manage the Token USB authentication policies remotely with a central graphic user interface and do not require any physical visits to the ATMs for any advance configuration at all, reducing cost of professional services to go on site every single time.

With other ATX features like KVM or remote files, you can explore more advanced functions like managing and accessing supervisor menus or extracting advanced error logs generated by supervisor applications.

In the following video, we recorded how to address these token USB authentication remotely with one example.

Demonstration of Remote token NCR authentication through supervisor mode.

This feature can work with Diebold Nixdorf, Hyosung, and NCR ATMs

If you have any questions, you can contact us for a demonstration at