This post is to present Cyttek's first multivendor ATM solution. We will publish multiple posts explaining the core difference in our solution and how we conceive our difference from the current offer of the market.

Gen3XFS is the multivendor software developed by Cyttek Group that targets the ATM market in a unique and particular way; we design our software solution to solve some of the issues and pain typically financial institutions have with traditional vendors.

With our market experience of many years in multiple countries, we find some common problems and experiences that financial institutions face in a day by day operation of an atm network that can solve with the ATM software side and proper configurations that we think have to come by default in any software.

Based on our experienced view, here are some of the problems we solved in our solution.

  1. Our Gen3 XFs is 100% native error management, which means that we operate to show the genuine support of CEN 3x error; we do not group any error that increases visibility in operation and more independent management and function for any financial institution
  2. It's 10x Faster to develop new transaction workflows, everything is HTML5 and Javascript in the presentation layer, so any financial institution without knowledge of developing CEN XFS programs in Java or C#, can create interactions and new transactions in a more open format and easy interface in javascript
  3. Gen3XFS is developed with 2x more compressión in the  networking messaging layer  because we use Json messaging instead of NDC or DDC
    3.1) But all financial institutions use ISO8583, DDC, NDC, NDC+, or ANDC+, no problem. Our switch connector makes the work to interact with the backend switch b24, FIS, Autentic, or any other, and we convert JSON to all the financial protocols, also protecting the ATM from firmware message fails that can be translated to reversal frauds. We will explain in deep this concept later in this post.
  4. Our Server protocol translator has a built Remote key loader, so there is no need to use an external solution RKL is built in and supported.
  5. Our Journal management is more open. It can be operated in a more structured format, meaning it can be translated into multiple languages. Also, all operation flows, or supervisor flows, are step-by-step written down in the journal file.
  6. We have single login capabilities for every hardware devices for every network communication, for the journal file, and also for "service provider interface" That means that we have 4x more logs and traces for analyzing and detecting problems installed and added by default, there is no dependence of any token or advance function that only technician have in the toolkit, that give financial institutions more tools to investigate any issue or production miss behavior.
  7. We do not have a complex set of tools to interact with ATMs flow like NDC machines to create new transactions or something proprietary that only can be programmed by the developer like the prominent ATM vendors do with our XFS software solutions. We give mo flexibility to the clients
  8. our solution is 100% multivendor, and we have a basic set of transactions, but we add any unique transaction on request, with faster time to market
  9. We bet on taking complexity and adding simplicity to the operation with transparency and more visibility than any other solution multivendor in the market. This is a big plus in today's industry: ATMs are black-box with very little documentation provided by vendors and very costly support for new vendor changes. We are here to break this way of working.
  10. We do also offer a set of tools for providing ATM Protection with Checker ATM security, ATM monitoring With XFS Analytics (and other solutions developed by cyttek to monitor ATM transactions, cash management, atm errors/problems, and operations in real-time), and remote support and control with ATX Core and other solution develop by cyttek that we extensively cover in this blog some features very helpful for financial institutions.

Our product is EMV ready and multivendor ready, so here are some examples of different transactions that we have as an example in 2 different ATMs

Here is some example of multivendor Transactions solutions that we support in Gen3XFS

*Also, expect that we will add more transitions over time.  

Also, to return to the Gen3XFS switch solution included in our portfolio, we added a communication server to compile all possible transactions that can be managed in ATMs with our Mv solution Gen3XFS. The server is added to the design network to be more flexible and interactive with multiple backends.

If you want to try or have any technical questions that we can help you solve or improve your current operation, please let us know, and we will be happy to help you.