Due to the new COVID-19 pandemic, the whole society has been established over the necessity of having a sanitized and protected environment against virus and other germs.

Naturally, these concerns involve banks, specially ATMs. Since ATM regular operation involves many people manipulating the equipment several times through the day, this poses a great contamination risk to these people.

Some threats involve cases  like in mexico where people affected by covid can be near or sheltered in an ATM site and the whole ATMs and the site can be infected and the Bank have to close the whole branch for a couple days

Hombre en situación de calle con Covid-19 se refugia en cajero
Armando tiene 81 años de edad, dijo que no lo recibieron en el hospital, varias ambulancias que acudieron al sitio tampoco se lo llevaron

In this manner, we always focused on solutions to grant safety to bank users, has come with its new product, Germi-Light. Using ultraviolet light, this device is able to disinfect the ATM, eliminating fungus, bacteria and virus, including SARS-CoV2.

The solution is equipped with a UV-C lamp, that irradiates a germicide light (UVGI). With support to man-machine interface (MMI), the device can be easily programmed.

You can schedule activation time and other parameters, as needed. Plug and Play in any ATM models, does not even need the ATM to be turned off  when installing.

You can forget to send people and pay ATM clean services when you can clean and schedule remotely ATM cleaning with


  • USB interface for configuration and log access
  • Automatically turn the light on /off at specific time schedule defined by the client
  • Monitor the presence of nearby bystanders through sensors
  • Self-diagnostic of system components, detecting defective lamps, sensors or even the central processing unit
  • Log generation, containing information of lamp activation/deactivation or any failure detected

• Extra signalization when failure detected;
• Extra disinfection spot can be added in a non conventional ATM

The solution can clean remotely any ATM in every transaction or ones a day depending on the type of safety biosecurity protocols that the bank want to provide to they clients.

• 100% Customizable
Germi-Light is custom manufactured according to the geometry of each ATM brand and model

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